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Dheeraj Kumar
Z.H 1/302
IIT Kharagpur
W.B , India - 721302
Phone - 81692
email :


Present Status

Sr. System Manager, Computer Labs, Mining Department, IIT Kharapur as well as pursuing the Ph.D. course in the same Dept.

Currently, I maintain Department's computer network environment (LAN/WAN, Intel® Hubs, Routers, Switches, Network Management Software, Ethernet Network Cabling, etc.), including desktop PCs, network security, e-mail & web servers, file and print services, network backups, and overall connectivity.

I am responsible for day-to-day end-user troubleshooting, system and software deployment, equipment purchasing, data security, disaster recovery, and future planning.

My prime work involves planning, deploying, and maintaining Microsoft-based LANs (Windows NT 4.0 Server, Several Windows NT 4.0 Workstations, and Windows 95/98/2000 all supported with multimedia kits.). I am also responsible for maintaining department 's UNIX server ( RedHat Linux -6.1)

Summary of qualifications

M.Tech (Rock Excavation Engg.) B.Tech(Mining Engg)





M.Tech (1999, I.S.M , Dhanbad, CGPA- 4.31/5.00)

B.Tech (1997, Nagpur Univ. 79%, 5th rank in Univ.)

I.Sc (1993, B.I.E.C Patna, 77% )

1. As a part of Ph.D. course work at IIT I took a subject named Programming languages Theory and practice" along with it's Lab and completed the same with a grade of "A". It dealt with all the aspects of programming Languages mainly advanced C and VC++ 6.0

"RDBMS USING ORACLE", A short-term course was done by me under CEP IIT Kharagpur. It dealt with RDBMS concepts, query Languages -Relational Algebra, SQL, File Organization, Visual FoxPro 6, Oracle Database Access, Data Consistency, PL/SQL, The Pro* C Compiler, Introduction to Developer 2000 etc.

A one-semester computer course named "Certificate in Information Technology" from CMC, Dhanbad was also done by me. The course mainly dealt with FoxPro 2.6 as well as DOS/Windows OS

4. One more subject called "Computer Applications in Geomechanics" along with it's Lab was taken and was completed by me successfully with a grade of "A"


Operating System:

MS-DOS, Windows 9x/NT/2000, Unix /Linux             


Pentium based PCs provided with multimedia kits, all connected to LAN with different OS loaded.


Pascal , C and C++, Visual C++, HTML


DBMS using Visual FoxPro 6, ORACLE 8i, MS-ACCESS

Productivity Software:

MS-OFFICE, Web page designing Software, Corel draw, Photo Shop, Paint Shop, FrontPage 98, Macromedia etc,

System Administration:

Having one and half year experience of administration of computer labs in the Department, Managing the web server and Mail server,  

Web Page Designing:

Designed several web pages using web tools as well as Java applets, Also designed and maintains the departmental web site i.e. ,


English and Hindi


To obtain a position that requires technical expertise and decision-making skills


I enjoy reading, listening to music (almost all kinds), and watching TV and movies. I also enjoy surfing on the net.

Any other Query available on demand


IIT Kharagpur

Dheeraj Kumar

Download my resume in doc(MS-WORD) format

  A brief Description of the Academic projects as a part of requirement of various computer courses (mentioned above) done by me.

1. I) A main project on "Library Automation", as a part of requirement of the course "RDBMS WITH ORACLE" was done.
The project was done using ORACLE 8i in PL/SQL language. It comprises of three-fold work i.e.

a) Work of a Librarian: - maintaining Lib-user's Account, Book account, Present status of Library etc),
b) Lib-member's job: - Requisition for a book, his current status, availability of the requested book, Returning of the book, informing a loss of book. Re-issuing of the book etc.
c) Accountant's Job :- Preparation of book purchase order depending on the fund available and updating the book database.
The above project was done using Triggers, Functions, and Procedures in PL/SQL

ii) A mini project on "Students Application Processing system" was done using Visual FoxPro. It comprises of three-fold work: -

a) Data Entry Operator: Enters application info to a local Database file.
b) Administrator: - generates the code (just with a simple click) for each application info taking the last two digit from appno, first one char from city and the two char from category of the applicant and updates central database. If required it also displays the lists according to ascending order. Program for the same is written in FoxPro
c) Data Entry Operator assigns the marks to each applicant as per the code displayed in the appropriate window .

Apart from these several other mini projects using Oracle 8i have been done also.

2. As a part of requirement for the computer course "Programming Languages Theory and Practice" a tutorial package on "How to make interactive web pages" was made using Visual C++6. Sets of questionnaire for examining user skill were also made using the Visual c++6.

Beside this several other projects on string manipulation were also made.